The album that I chose for the podcast we are doing in computer based projects is the album X&Y by Coldplay. The album is very creative and has songs that catch my attention. The album X&Y is by far my favorite album by Coldplay. The album has influences of electronic music and alternative music. The album came out in March 2004. X&Y features a song named “talk” that was originally planned for singer and song writer Johnny Cash to record with Martin. Tragically Johnny Cash had died before being able to do just that. I chose the album because it has songs that can really relate to me, and it has songs that can get you really relaxed to. I have the album and I never get sick of it. I enjoy this album a lot.



6 thoughts on “X&Y

  1. I love this album. Great Choice. You also included a lot of information, and even incorporated a song relation. Great Job:)

  2. that album is one of the best by coldplay. for me, its a tie between “rush of cold blood to the head” and this one. and “talk” would have been amazing with johnny cash, but sounds amazing anyways. great choice

  3. I like the album name! its very catchy. Also its good to have music you can relate to, it makes it so much more enjoyable.

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