Movies of the 1930’s

The whole week before break we (being the freshmen of wcta) had to work on an imovie project. It went well for me, it was actually very fun. The project was a lot of work to do, but it was fun since we got to work in imovie. The only thing bad is that it was difficult to find information on the school computers. Though i could get pictures at home for my flash drive. I am very happy with my imovie project. I put effort into it and I got to learn a lot about the mac’s imovie application. I could have worked harder on my project because I kind of rushed it. Then again I didn’t know what to expect out of the results, and overall I am very pleased and happy with my imovie project about movies of the 1930’s.

4 thoughts on “Movies of the 1930’s

  1. It’s cool that you learned more about the application and liked the turnout of your project. (:

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